Healthcare workers spending night at hospital to avoid traveling in snow

Healthcare workers spending night at hospital to avoid traveling in snow

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - Many healthcare workers are having to find ways to get to work in the midst of a the icy weather. Some have opted to spend the night being separated from their families this whole week.

At CHRISTUS Mother Frances some health care workers are making sure they are there for their patients by choosing to stay at the hospital since last Saturday.

“When you go into a field like nursing you know that it is dedicated and when there is a crisis you have to commit to that and they are all here to serve our community and our patients,” said Jennifer Ferrell who is the Heart Hospital’s Clinical Floor Director.

During a time where family is most important, these healthcare workers are insuring that despite the elements they will be with their patients and serve their community. An experience that they say has made them stronger.

“It’s been a bonding experience for sure and and it has been really neat to see the different organizations that have taken place to find staffing to get people here and make sure people are safe,” said Ferrell.

For these workers it isn’t mandatory just people who want to ensure they can help their patients. Growing as a team and making sure these patients get the best care.

“Just last night one of our patients was like are you going to bed girls and we were like yes,” said Ferrell. “It’s been a really great experience and they have been very patient you know they want to go home too, nobody wants to be away from their families.”

When these healthcare workers do reunite with their families, they plan on giving them tall that extra love that they couldn’t give during the week.

“I’m just gonna grab my kids I am going to give them big ole hugs,” said Ferrell.

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