Boats damaged after Lake O' the Pines marina collapses under weight of snow

Boats damaged after Lake O' the Pines marina collapses under weight of snow

MARION COUNTY, Texas (KLTV) - The weight of snow can’t be underestimated. In one case this week, collecting snow led to the collapse of a Marion County marina covering at Lake O’ the Pines.

On Wednesday, the weight of accumulated snow collapsed a structure right on top of boats and other watercraft, including houseboats.

Residents say the tin roof awning at Bullfrog Marina came crashing down on top of dozens of watercraft moored underneath.

“It sounded like a car crash, a slow moving bang. It took a little bit to realize it, to absorb what had really happened,” said resident Kay Lindsey.

Two house boats tipped over like corks from heavy snow on the roof. The sight of the collapse had residents scrambling to find out if any of their neighbors were hurt.

“We’re neighbors and we try to watch out for each other. There were no extra cars in the parking lot so that gave us indication there probably wasn’t anyone over there,” Kay says.

Illinois visitors were shocked to see this in Texas.

“Actually I thought we’d come down here to fish and get away from the cold a little bit; we ended up seeing snow and cold,” says Perry Shriner of Rockford, Illinois.

Some heavy damage to the boats may have been done, as a tell-tale fuel or oil slick can be seen nearby.

“This has not been a thing for us ever, during my lifetime,” Lindsey says.

The difficulty now is a waiting game because of the roadways. The proper equipment will have to be brought out to remove the awning so the boats can be assessed to see how much damage was done to them.

No one was injured.

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