DETEC customers could be without power for up to 3 more weeks

DETEC customers could be without power for up to 3 more weeks

Brian Wood General Manager from Deep East Texas Electric Cooperative gave an update today on East Texas Now. DETEC estimates that power restoration may take up to 3 weeks to complete. Currently, there are 22,365 meters without power which accounts for 50% of the DETEC system.

All outages are now due to ice accumulation causing downed trees and lines. Rolling blackouts and load issues are no longer the primary issues as much damage to the system has occurred.

Outage locations:

Jasper Co: 227 meters

Nacogdoches Co: 8,821

Newton Co: 9

Panola Co: 169

Rusk Co: 1

Sabine Co: 2,152

San Augustine Co: 2,919

Shelby Co: 8,067

If you are dependent upon electricity for medical needs, seek an alternate location. Texas has established 2-1-1 as a network to call to locate resources including warm shelters and transportation in our area. Do not hesitate to call if you are need. Call 911 for medical emergencies, do not wait it out for the power to be restored.

In full transparency we have as much damage, if not more, as we did from prior hurricanes. At this time, we estimate that power restoration may take up to 3 weeks to complete. Please keep in mind that this is a good faith estimate and our goal is to exceed this timeline, but we must deliver realistic information to our membership. We hope to have a timeline per area soon. Unlike a hurricane or tornado in which damage is heavy in certain areas, this damage is widespread and still occurring. Please understand that crews are working as fast as they physically and safely can. Co-ops whose terrain did not produce as much damage as ours, have begun to offer help both from their crews and contractors on hand. We are mobilizing those units to aid in our restoration.

Due to weather related complications experienced by phone, internet and cellular providers, we have experienced disruptions in our outage reporting line at 1-800-392-5986. Please continue trying to contact us as we work to resolve these issues. For prompt service, know your meter number. This number can be located on your bill or on the meter at the location. The meter number is the 6-digit number following DETEC on the meter. Representatives will take your report of downed lines, but please understand that many lines are down, and it will take time for a crew to get to them. Please assume any downed line is live and dangerous and do not approach it.

Now is the time that we must all come together as to overcome this situation. Please check on our neighbors, especially the elderly and those with children.

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