Families struggle in Tyler mobile home park without power for 36+ hours

FM 14 Family Woes

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - Thousands of East Texans are spending another night in freezing temperatures. Residents in Northgate Mobile Home Park in Tyler have been experiencing temperatures in the thirties and below inside their homes.

“It’s frustrating, and it is upsetting that we are here in this situation, and we feel helpless,” said Frankie Morales, who is a Northgate resident.

Morales said he and others have been without power for over 36 hours. He said when they call Oncor, they feel even more helpless because he says they aren’t sharing with them any information as to when they will receive power again.

“We have no electricity, and we have no water. Everything is frozen. We can’t keep our kids in the house. We have been sitting in our cars since yesterday trying to stay warm, so it’s hard; it’s unacceptable,” Morales said.

Residents have had to resort to warming up in their cars as temperatures inside the trailer homes are unbearable. Others are concerned about elderly residents who don’t have cars or are bedridden.

“To see everybody down like that, you can’t go over there and ask for help because they are in the same situation we are,” said Jesse Hernandez who lives in the same park. “So we just want the electricity back; that’s all we are asking for.”

“We had to go all the way to the southside of town just to get gas or something to eat because there is nothing open on this side of town,” Morales said.

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