East Texas drivers getting creative dealing with snow accumulation

People Dealing With Snow

GREGG COUNTY, Texas (KLTV) - If you’re outside in East Texas, you’ll see snow. And for the most part, area residents are staying put, with maybe a short trip outside for a quick snowman.

With about a foot of snow on the ground, East Texans aren’t moving around much, but some like Tom, who drives for Albert’s Wrecker, has to. He says he’s been all over the area.

He just said he goes on slow snow patrol until he gets a call. Drivers we spoke with were all keeping around 25 miles an hour no matter what the speed limit. Mostly Tom has dealt with:

“Wrecks, PD calls, breakdowns; people stuck in their yard basically,” Tom said.

And a breakdown is what Raney Mathews experienced on FM 2011 near East Texas Regional Airport.

“I made the corner down here and my truck died. I’m not stuck,” Mathews said.

There were reports of people stuck on I-20. Wreckers were kept busy there as well. Traffic on the interstate was extremely sparse compared to normal days. It was moving slowly and looked to be mostly trucks.

On the north side of Longview Miguel Morales and his kids got outside to clear off the driveway since:

“We actually got a snow day,” Morales said.

He had been getting a snow drift off his truck:

“With a shop broom. We don’t have the scrapers and stuff that they up north so we just use a rake and use a shop broom for what we do out here in East Texas,” Morales said.

Roads in Longview, like everywhere else, were snow packed, though some hadn’t been driven enough. Steering through thick snow is tricky.

And Raney’s advice for getting around snowy East Texas roads?

“I would think just have a big truck, but apparently that doesn’t work either,” Raney said.

So, yeah, it’s cold out there. So cold in fact, I saw two birds land in the snow and one stepped out of the snow and stood on the other bird’s back. I couldn’t get the shot but I got the prints left behind. Obviously the bottom bird wasn’t going to take that sitting down.

Law enforcement advises staying off the roads, but if you have to get out, take it slow, don’t hit the brakes hard, and make sure there is plenty of distance between you and other drivers.

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