City of Tyler begins clearing roads through hospital district

Road Clearing Help

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - The City of Tyler said they have crews working around the clock to clear the roads after Monday’s winter storm.

“We’re using every available resource that we have right now,” said public information officer LouAnn Campbell.

Sanding is ineffective right now because the snow has fallen, but they do have one snowplow that they are using, and a sand truck is following it.

“We have one snowplow; that’s all we have for the city, but we’re using that right now. But we’re using that right now. It was at the airport, and we went and got it because the airport is closed,” Campbell said. “We are working to clear the Gentry overpass and Beckham Road and that is obviously because of the hospitals. We want to make sure that people can get to the hospitals if there is an emergency.”

Campbell said they have been working with TxDOT to help clear roads. TxDOT is responsible for treating all of the highways running through Tyler including Broadway and Troup Highways.

“TxDOT has two snowplows but they are strapped with those two. They are working on I20 and we know that they will eventually start working on the state highways that run through town,” Campbell said.

Today, the city primarily focused on roads near the hospital and as more weather comes in they will have plans.

“We know it’s going to stick around for a while. We know that the temperatures are not going to be above freezing for a few days so right now our focus is to keep those routes to the hospitals open,” Campbell said.

The city is also asking drivers to be extra cautious when coming up to traffic signals as some are out of power. If this happens treat those intersections like a four-way stop.

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