What you need to know before getting your vaccine at a pharmacy

Enough vaccine is on order for 300 million Americans

What to know about pharmacy vaccines

(CNN) – As the number of Americans getting coronavirus vaccines continues to rise, vaccine supplies continue to fall.

But more are on the way.

President Joe Biden says the United States is now on track to have enough vaccines for 300 million Americans by the end of July.

“As supply ramps up, we’re also creating new convenient locations for vaccinations,” according to Jeff Zients, the White House COVID-19 response coordinator. “These include standing up community vaccination centers, deploying mobile vaccine units and launching new programs with pharmacies.”

The federal government began direct shipments of coronavirus vaccines to pharmacies late last week.

More than half of the 1 million available doses were allocated to CVS, Walgreens and Rite Aid. Not all stores will get the vaccine initially.

In a news release, CVS said, “as more supply becomes available the company will expand to additional states while increasing the number of stores offering vaccinations.”

The pharmacies that received the doses will follow the guidelines of the state they’re operating it and only vaccinate people who are eligible in there.

Appointments can be made online or by phone.

At Walgreens, appointments can be booked through a vaccine scheduler.

The CVS website lets you search by state.

Everyone will be able to get the vaccine at no cost.

The National Association of Drug Stores says pharmacies across the United States have the capacity to administer 100 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine in a month’s time but will need enough doses to do it.

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