Volunteers buy motel rooms to house homeless during winter storm


TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - A group of Tyler volunteers is trying to make sure everyone has a warm place to stay during the winter storm.

The group has bought motel rooms that will house the homeless who have nowhere else to go and can’t stay at the Salvation Army. In addition to providing housing, they are providing them with three meals for the day as well as coordinating them with UT resident doctors to help take care of their medical needs.

“When the cold is coming that’s the first thing you think about is those people that are living outside that are not sheltered that are not staying at the Salvation Army for one reason or another and are going to freeze,” said Callynth Finney, a volunteer.

Many of the volunteers are part of the group Hunger For Love. They see this as a duty of theirs because of the care they provide the homeless throughout the year.

“We are called to love God and love others and seeing others on the sidewalk bundled up in a sleeping bag in 30-degree weather or zero-degree weather that’s not showing love,” said Heidi Eslicker, a Hunger For Love volunteer.

From a car to transport people to financial donations they say the community has been a big part to help those who need it most.

“Tyler and beyond has really stepped up to do their donations and make everything possible that we are doing now,” Eslicker said.

The group is currently housing over 50 people living without a home at the moment, and they hope to continue to house them for the rest of the week until the weather gets warmer.

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