Home and Design Show opens doors in Longview this weekend

Home and Design Show opens doors in Longview this weekend

LONGVIEW, Texas (KLTV) - If you can stand getting out in the cold there is something to do in Longview this weekend. The East Texas Builder’s Association is holding their annual Home and Product Show at Maude Cobb.

A lot of people have been doing some remodeling in their free time, and may be looking for ideas. Well there are plenty at the Home and Design Show with 75 companies under one roof.

And what better place to start than with Joe Garner of Stone Works at the front door?

“Iron Doors, they’re 100 percent insulated. All of the glass opens up for ventilation and cleaning,” Garner said.

And speaking of insulation, although she can’t help you out in the next couple of days when we all may need it, Maria Sanchez with Sanchez Veliz Services can get you hooked up with spray in insulation.

“If you have an existing home that has regular blown in fiberglass insulation it needs to be looked at because it will settle over time,” Sanchez said.

Nobody wants to settle for settled insulation. And if you feel your world is dim Anna Grubbs can help get some light on the subject.

“We’re doing a lot with LEDs. A lot of people are looking towards energy efficiency, so LED is the way to go. Also Color changing bulbs are really popular right now,” Grubbs said.

And now that your home is secure, warm and properly lighted, well maybe it’s time for dinner with Chef Kab Benefield.

“We’re going to teach everybody how to cook healthier. And how to cook water free and grease free so they can keep all the nutrition in their foods and flavor, and also faster and easier,” Benefield said.

He also has tips on the latest cookware.

And maybe you don’t want to hang around outside the next few days, but you can get a taste of the warm old days with the Weber Landscape display; outside, indoors.

But remember those roads could be slick. So take it slow and give yourself plenty of time to get there and back, so you can enjoy your home.

The show goes on from 5-8 Friday, 10-5 Sunday and 12-4 Sunday. CDC guidelines will be observed so bring your mask. Tickets are 7 dollars, 12 and under get in free.

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