Gregg County holding tree giveaway Saturday

Free Trees

GREGG COUNTY, Texas (KLTV) - Trees can add a little curb appeal to your yard, and an event this weekend will appeal to your bank account.

It’s the annual Gregg County Master Gardener Tree Giveaway happening in Longview. And the only price you’ll have to pay for a sapling is getting out in the cold.

The Gregg County Ag Extension Service in Longview will soon have about 1,600 trees behind the auditorium where the Master Gardeners hold their meetings.

In fact, it was one their topics today, according to Gregg County AG Extension Agent Shaniqua Davis.

“So this weekend we have our Gregg County Master Gardener tree giveaway. We do this annually. We partner with the Texas forest Service. They provide us with the saplings,” Davis said.

So it won’t look like a forest at the AG office.

“All trees are free. We have several different varieties. A few oak varieties, and eastern redbud,” Davis said.

Five varieties all together, and these trees, unlike the ones you see outside, come with instructions, and of course, this year’s giveaway will be a little different.

“Generally we have, in our auditorium at the extension office, people come in and they collect their trees. We have Master Gardeners on hand to be able to answer any questions. We are still going to have the master gardeners on hand, but this year we’re going to do a drive through system, so that way you don’t have to get out of your car. We’re still following the social distancing guidelines. Master gardeners will be wearing masks,” Davis said.

So if you have questions for those who grow, well, sprout them out.

“It’s going to be cold so we’ll be bundled up but you get to stay nice and toasty in your car,” Davis said.

And you won’t have to strap them to your roof since they’re:

“Smaller trees, they’re bare root, so we will have them in a plastic bag,” Davis said.

So no dirt in your car, unless it was already there of course.

“Maybe you can have the biggest tree in Texas if you start growing it now,” Davis said.

Well, who doesn’t like a little shade when it gets hot? Of course, you’ll have to wait for it: the tree and the heat actually.

The giveaway will be held Saturday morning behind the AG office/Health Department building in Longview from 9 a.m. -12 p.m. They will be given out in the back parking lot, so enter off of Green Street and drive through.

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