Bullard Volunteer Fire Department holds ‘push-in’ ceremony for new engine

Bullard Volunteer Fire Department holds ‘push-in’ ceremony for new engine

BULLARD, Texas (KLTV) - The Smith County Emergency Services District 2 and Bullard VFD received a new fire engine.

“The Smith County citizens saw, back in 2006-2007, to vote in the Smith County ESD2, Emergency Services District. And those guys collect some tax dollars from homeowners and property owners in the county for the purpose of providing emergency services in Smith County,” said Bullard Fire Chief Justin Walker. “Those funds have been used in multiple different departments, and this time, it was Bullard’s turn to get a new truck, to replace an aging one.”

Sunday afternoon they held a “push-in” ceremony for their brand new fire engine. Walker said push-ins date back to the 1800s when fire equipment was drawn by horses, and it was hard to back in equipment. The fireman would break the horses free and push in the equipment by hand. Today it was a ceremony to mark the new piece of equipment.

The station covers about 90 square miles in both Smith and Cherokee counties. This vehicle was purchased as part of a capital improvement plan. The new engine is equipped with modern firefighting technology and up to date equipment.

“This truck has got double the water-carrying capacity of what the prior truck did. We have a thousand gallons of water which will give us a much more sustained initial attack on fires, which could make all the difference,” Walker said. “If we’re able to get the fire knocked down when it’s still small it makes a huge difference on not only how long we’re on scene, but how much we’re able to save.”

Most departments are not able to receive a brand new vehicle.

“It means a lot to have a brand-new one,” Walker said. “With most fire departments and volunteer fire departments their revenue flow comes from fundraisers, chili cook-offs, donations, and things of that nature, and so it’s just not within their means to purchase a brand-new truck.”

Chief Walker said the truck should last about 12 years, depending on wear and tear, and then they’ll begin looking to replace it.

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