COLEMAN ON THE ROAD: Artist draws Mahomes, considers him an artist, too

Updated: Feb. 5, 2021 at 10:55 PM CST
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TAMPA, Florida (KLTV) - Michael Coleman is in Tampa at the location where is Super Bowl 55 will take place, Raymond James Stadium. Drawing lots and lots of interest. And speaking of drawing, one man is drawing lots and lots of interest because of his favorite subject, everybody else’s favorite subject, too: Number 15, Patrick Mahomes.

“It’s interesting because people, I have gone away from people as my subject lately but I can’t, I keep going back to him because I’m doing him about once a year, this time of year it’s just as a glowing radiant athlete. So graceful man. Really, really wonderful to watch him do everything.”

John Bukaty is a Kansas City native who now lives in New Orleans and works as a professional artist. The former college football player considers Mahomes an artist.

“Yeah, I think he’s very, very creative the way he does things. I don’t know how he thinks about it, but he’s clearly knowing what the difference between you know, cocky and confident is. He’s very confident. I saw him do a play where he faked a guy, then he had the wherewithal to like slide a half second later. I’m like that guy has, I would’ve said ‘oh that worked?’ and then I would’ve done another one and got hit right.”

His brother had the sensation of Mahomes but admits it seemed a stretch.

“My brother was talking about him and my brother talks... I was like all right you’re over-hyping him.”

And you know what they say a picture is worth 1000 words.”

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