WATCH: Whitehouse mayor declares Sunday, Feb. 7 as Patrick Mahomes Day

Whitehouse declares Patrick Mahomes Day

WHITEHOUSE Texas (KLTV) - Whitehouse Mayor James Wansley held a press conference Friday morning to announce that Sunday, Feb. 7 will be Patrick Mahomes Day for residents of the town.

Wansley’s proclamation was made in honor of Whitehouse native Patrick Mahomes making his second Super Bowl appearance as the starting quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs in a few days. On Sunday, the 16-2 Chiefs will face off against the 14-5 Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Super Bowl LV (55).

“We are a proud and spirited community with amazing schools,” Wansley said during the press conference in the Whitehouse City Council chambers. ‘In fact, in my estimation, our No. 1 export is highly educated kids with a strong foundation who are equipped to lead in whatever industry or endeavor they decide to pursue. I’m here today to honor one of those exports.”

Wansley said that Mahomes graduated from Whitehouse High School in 2014 and was the 10th overall pick in the NFL draft in 2017. He then listed the NFL quarterback’s many accolades and accomplishments, including Sportsman of the Year, the 2018 NFL MVP, Super Bowl 54 champion, and Super Bowl 54 MVP.

The mayor said they also issued the proclamation because the people of Whitehouse are proud of the way Mahomes represents his hometown on and off the field.

“Patrick has a strong foundation that was built brick by brick by his parents, his grandparents, and strong mentors he has had along the way,” Wansley said.

After he issued the proclamation naming Sunday Patrick Mahomes Day, Wansley answered questions, and in response to one, he said the City of Whitehouse would look into holding a parade for Mahomes if the Chiefs win the Super Bowl.

“It’s going to be a great game,” Wansley said. “Having someone from your community in the game just adds to it.”

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