COLEMAN ON THE ROAD: Brady, Mahomes have mutual admiration

Updated: Feb. 4, 2021 at 11:37 PM CST
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TAMPA BAY, Florida (KLTV) - Today Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady, a superstar with six Super Bowl rings, spoke to the media about what kind of leader Patrick Mahomes is for his team.

“He’s done an incredible job. I really admire Patrick, the kind of player he is. He has this great command of his team, I know his teammates love playing with him. He’s got great charisma. When I see Patrick, I see, you know, none of these moments are too big for him.”

Mahomes has a lot of good things to say about Brady, as well.

“I watch the tape on him, he’s doing things the right way. You can tell by the number of championships he has, and the number of rings on his fingers,” Mahomes said.

Two-time Super Bowl winner Mark Collins says of Mahomes, “He really gets it. And what it is, he’s never caught up in anything, never too high or too low. He gets the concept of what being a professional is. I would attribute that to his father, he’s been around professional sports all his life. He’s a grounded guy.”

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