COLEMAN ON THE ROAD: Mahomes’ teammates, friends commend his character

Updated: Feb. 3, 2021 at 10:51 PM CST
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TAMPA, Florida (KLTV) - The countdown to the national championship game is here, and Michael Coleman is on the road in Tampa to bring you a look at what is going on ahead of the big game.

Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce finished second in receiving yards this year, a tight end who masquerades in a wide receiver’s body. You could say that QB Patrick Mahomes is the catalyst, but Kelce wants you to know there’s more to Mahomes than touchdowns.

“He’s a good guy, man, good intentions. He works his tail off, you can see that. He is accountable through his hard work. And that’s just on the football field, man. Off the field, I don’t know that they make a better human man. You’re talking about somebody that wants to be in the community, to make things better for everybody, make things easier for those who had it harder in life,” Kelce said of Mahomes.

Coleman Patterson, a childhood friend of Mahomes, agrees.

“He is among the voices, I think, that’s the right thing to do, make a difference in the world. We’re all super proud of the person that he is. It’s not a surprise to anybody. But he’s doing what he’s doing, I think he’s great and look forward to seeing him continue doing that. He’s encouraging others to use their voice to really make a change,” Patterson said.

They say Mahomes also handles an often tough conversation with class; he speaks about how he handles speaking out on issues like race.

”Yeah, I mean there are lotta great athletes are doing things the right way. LeBron is one of them. He is someone that I can talk to and get advice from, but there’s others, there are a ton of people that are using their voice make a difference in this world, and I try to take from them. And I can use my own voice in my own way to make an impact in my community,” Mahomes said.

Adam Cook, the Athletic Director at Whitehouse High School, Mahomes’ alma mater, had this to say.

“He took on that role and stepped up and try to help impact it in a positive way, but he’s not really trying to draw attention to himself... does that make sense?”

Mahomes and his Chiefs will be cheered on from East Texas by many fans, not just of the team, but of the man himself.

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