Better East Texas: Curt Schilling proves words matter

Better East Texas
Better East Texas
Updated: Feb. 4, 2021 at 3:27 PM CST
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TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - We have discussed the notion in earlier Better East Texas segments that words matter. And in what we have just lived through in our political world – it should be very hard to argue that your words don’t really matter. But they do.

A recent story surrounding former major league baseball pitcher Curt Schilling re-emphasizes the point about our words and how they are used. Schilling was a great pitcher, one of the best, and he was on three World Series winning teams. As is customary in major league sports, outstanding players are considered for their respective halls of fame. Such was the case with Curt Schilling. He has been on the ballot for nine years, and for nine years the voters for the Hall – baseball writers - have denied Schilling the recognition of being selected.

It appears that the voting group has said no to Schilling because of his words over the years. He has been a sports commentator during that time, and he has made several controversial statements, retweeted some and reposted others, but this situation is a classic reflection of our society. In this case, his words appear to be overshadowing his performance on his job.

In credit to the Hall of Fame criteria, the description of Hall of Fame honorees includes statements about character, integrity and sportsmanship. Perhaps that is why Curt Schilling lost out, again. And while many of his controversial posts were a display of his opinion, it appears there was a consequence for doing so. I am not judging Curt Schilling, but only recognizing that what we have seen is another reminder that our words do matter.

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