Pet adoption center completion getting close in Marshall


MARSHALL, Texas (KLTV) - It’s not complete yet, but the new Marshall Pet Adoption Center is getting there, and about a third of it has been financed by area residents. The city has started another fundraiser to help with furnishings and fixtures, and it involves immortalizing a pet.

Marshall Police Chief Cliff Carruth says the new pet adoption center has been very well thought out. They visited other new East Texas adoption centers for ideas.

“We were able to go out and look at what they had done and compare to what we needed. We talked to them and they said, ‘hey, we wish we would have done this’, and ‘this really worked out well...’ So we were able to take those ideas and use them in our facility,” Carruth said.

And a new idea is using a wall in the lobby for a collage featuring a donor’s pets. Donated funds will be used for lighting and furniture.

According to City Spokesperson Stormy Nickerson, they hired a graphic artist who will:

“Weave together your photographs based on the color of your animal as well as the background photo to make sure that we have a proper collage,” Nickerson said.

It will be put together on a four by eight panel. Donor and pet names will be posted on an adjacent wall.

By the time Blair Blackburn heard about it, he says his wife had already paid for a space.

“I’m not surprised. Michelle has such a big heart for dogs,” Blackburn said.

“Our family in the last couple of years, has become great dog lovers. And we’ve done that through pet adoption,” Blackburn said.

So their dog Belle is going up on the mural. Blackburn feels the new shelter is a necessity.

“There are so many other communities across East Texas, towns our size or smaller that have committed resources to build quality facilities for animals and we need this for Marshall. So we’re grateful to have this coming to our community,” Blackburn said.

The Blackburns have taken in two dogs in the past five years and they’re thrilled that they will be remembered, and that, once open, he’ll know he and his wife helped keep the lights on.

Anyone interested in purchasing a space should contact the City of Marshall. We’re told available space is filling up fast. The $1.5 million shelter is slated to be completed this summer.

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