Disc golf gaining popularity among East Texans during pandemic

Disc golf gaining popularity among East Texans during pandemic

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - East Texans are anxious to find new things to do to stave off boredom during the pandemic, and that’s benefiting one particular sport: disc golf.

Disc golf is an outdoor sport that almost anyone can play while remaining socially distant from other people while still having fun with them.

Onion Field Disc Golf, a small disc golf shop located inside a salon called Transitions Hair Design, has seen a 300 percent increase in sales, according to owner Lawrence Nance. He says many of his new customers are new players of the game looking for a safe, fun activity to do during the pandemic.

“I started seeing families come in, kids, their parents; yesterday I had an older couple from Anderson County wanting to get golf discs so they could play with their 18-year-old grandson,” said Nance.

That increase in business has helped make up for any sales he lost when he couldn’t cut hair during the shutdown. It isn’t just Nance’s business; the disc golf community is also growing worldwide according to professional disc golfer Gregg Barsby. He believes it’s the perfect alternative sport in times like these.

“Disc golf became that friendly alternative because you can get away from everybody and social distance, but you can still challenge yourself as an athlete,” said Barsby.

With more athletes looking to challenge themselves and less activities available, tournament director Casey Jillson has seen great turnout at tournaments hosted in the East Texas area.

People were definitely looking for a recreational way to get outside maybe more than just hiking in the park,” said Jillson. “So when we hosted our next event after we learned how to do the safety COVID precautions we filled up at 90 (people).”

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