Republican group targets Gohmert, Cruz to be held accountable, resign

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Updated: Jan. 29, 2021 at 11:09 PM CST
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TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - A digital billboard in Tyler now displays a message asking for Texas Senator Ted Cruz and Congressman Louie Gohmert to resign.

The billboard says: You lied about the election. The capitol was attacked and we’re asking for the resignation of Cruz and Gohmert.

The digital billboard is on the east side of Tyler, off of loop 323 near state highway 248. Today the message made its first appearance here in Tyler.

We spoke with the group responsible for it and why they decided to put it up.

As drivers travel down loop 323, a new message is asking elected officials to be held accountable following efforts they made to overturn the 2020 election -- efforts Olivia Troye says led to the riot at the U.S. Capitol on January 6.

“They need to be held accountable and come forward and say we were wrong. This is what led to congressional leaders and former Vice President Pence’s life being put in danger. We want them to come forward and if not, we want them to resign.”

Troye is a republican and was a two-year advisor to former Vice President Mike Pence. She is now the co-director of the Republican Accountability Project based out of Washington D.C. a project aiming to serve as a reminder to the American people.

“We don’t take this lightly, what happened, here in this situation. The republican party is better than this. This is a group of people who decided that they’re going to spread false narratives. I think accountability in this situation really matters.”

This phase one project is kicking off a $1 million campaign targeting 12 republican lawmakers.

“We’re not going to forget. We’re remembering and we’re also going to support the principled republicans who did take a stand. Who didn’t go along with this narrative. Who took a stand and did what was right for the country.”

Troye says more billboard signs will be popping up across Texas in the near future.

Both Cruz and Gohmert’s offices declined to comment.

For more information regarding the project, click here and here.

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