Sabine ISD fundraises for Liberty City family after fire destroys home

Sabine ISD fundraises for Liberty City family after fire destroys home

LIBERTY CITY, Texas (KLTV) - On January 16, the home of the Kirkindoll family in Liberty City caught fire and was destroyed.

“I was sad when my house burned down,” said 4th grader Ava Kirkindoll.

But they soon learned the true meaning of support. Within hours, their community sprang into action.

“We have been overwhelmed with what people have been willing to do. People we don’t know, people from this community,” said elementary school teacher Michelle Kirkindoll.

Michelle Kirkindoll is a teacher for Sabine ISD. Her children both go here too. So when folks in the district got word of the tragedy, Sabine High School principal Monty Pepper said it was a no brainer. They were ready to help.

“My teachers gave me some clothes and a little stuffed animal,” said Ava Kirkindoll.

“Our son came home on his first day back and he said almost every one in the whole school was wearing a hat. I know it really touched him,” said Michelle.

The kids at Sabine High School donated $5 and they were able to wear hats.

“And I was 100% on board. I thought it was a great idea by our staff,” said principal Monty Pepper,

He’s not surprised by the outpouring of support either.

“There’s no hesistation. People are not just willing. but they’re ready. and when the need arises, it’s across the board,” Pepper said.

As for the Kirkindoll family, they are very grateful for everything this community has done.

“You feel that support. I definitely do. and I think both my kids do,” said Michelle Kirkindoll.

“Everyone is so nice to me, and kind and like, they just want to help me and things like that,” said Ava.

So far, Sabine High School has raised more than $1100 for the family.

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