Improved traffic flow via re-timed traffic lights coming to Tyler

Improved traffic flow via re-timed traffic lights coming to Tyler

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - Tyler City Council took the first steps to help ease some frustrations among drivers. The city has entered into a contract with a goal of having you wait less time at red lights.

The re-timing project is part of the Intelligence Transportation Master Plan Study, which was finalized in August 2020. This is one of the recommendations they can implement now on 18 intersections throughout the city.

“This is part of the recommendations that came out of the plan and is something we need to be doing on a regular basis,” said Cameron Williams, traffic engineer for the City of Tyler. “Patterns do change and we usually need to do this; every three to five years is the goal.”

Williams said they’ve made some improvements on parts of South Broadway and Beckham and they’ve seen some improved traffic flow. Some of the new focus includes South Broadway, East Southeast Loop, and Troup Highway.

“Keep in mind signal retiming is not a silver bullet, and there’s only so much traffic you can get through the roadway, but this is a way of optimizing that, making sure we’re using that infrastructure to the best of our ability,” Williams said. “So you should see, eventually, a smoother flow through the traffic, get through a few more green lights.”

Part of that process includes collecting data, traffic counts, developing the timing, and implementing them.

“But we want to do that when school’s in session and so we’ll collect data this spring, develop the plans, and look to implement those next fall whenever school is back in session,” Williams said.

The project is funded through the Half-Cent Sales Tax program and will include $12.7 million in improvements over a 10-year period.

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