Longview cash register business ringing up sales for 3 generations

Longview cash register business ringing up sales for 3 generations

LONGVIEW, Texas (KLTV) - There is something that’s vital to any business that most of us don’t even think about: cash registers. And for they do a whole lot more than just ring up a sale.

Daryl Boles is Vice President of Texas Cash Register and says his customers have a couple choices in a register.

“The point of sale is actually a return on investment, where a cash register is just a stand alone,” Daryl said.

He says a stand alone is not much more than a calculator with a lock box and printer, but a point of sale register keeps track of everything.

“You’re return is that you get to go back and see the inventory and the sales that you got,” Daryl said.

So it can track slow day patterns and maybe a restaurant will want to offer:

“Discounts or buy one get one free on those days,” Daryl said.

And the register knows what a customer eats and how often so the restaurant could offer a:

“Loyalty program and they can actually give them an extra ten or fifteen percent discount,” Daryl said.

Which may keep customers coming back. And it eliminates a point of contact since there are:

“No punch cards,” Daryl said.

And the computerized integrated registers eliminate more shared touching.

“There’ll be contactless payments; online ordering off an app on the phone,”

Daryl says the machines help keep restaurant employees off the phone since orders go directly to the kitchen.

“Which keeps those tickets from being printed until actually the order’s been made,” Daryl said.

He says that limits ticket handling. So, say, if you’re at work around lunch time and are thinking:

“Gosh I wish I could get a burger without talking to someone.”

Well, you absolutely can if the restaurant has the equipment, well, and a burger. Daryl’s son Jacob Boles customizes the registers.

“I’ll get their menu and list of employees and I’ll put it all in and make it look good for them,” Jacob said.

A restaurant manager can even monitor how long a customer waits for their food so hopefully they’re not thinking:

“Now I want to talk to somebody to find out where my burger is.”

But, if the system is just too new fangled for a restaurant owner, well he’s got a brass machine from the 1800s. Probably about the same price though.

Texas Cash Register has been in business since 1977 and was started by his father. They have seen the cash register go from mechanical to electronic and now to digital. Daryl Boles says since the COVID-19 pandemic the business has picked up.

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