WebXtra: Chlorine negatively affecting Etoile water supply

WebXtra: Chlorine negatively affecting Etoile water supply
Donna McCollum reports that the Nacogdoches County Commissioners are taking action to help treat a potentially dangerous water supply issue for the community of Etoile. (Source: Donna McCollum, KTRE)

NACOGDOCHES, Texas (KTRE) - Chlorine is used to disinfect water. When chlorine has an adverse reaction to natural organic material, a potentially dangerous chemical called trihalomethane is produced. It’s happening in Etoile.

Nacogdoches County commissioners were awarded a $187,220 Department of Agriculture grant to correct the problem. Equipment will be installed at Etoile’s plant number three.

“The state mandates that all water systems address trihalomethane,” said Pat Oates, director of engineering for Goodman Lasiter Strong. “What we do is we take the water and recirculate the water with aeration. And it’s a continual aeration process when the water sits in their tanks.”

Oates says the chemical, known to cause cancer when ingested in large amounts, is a common problem for all water systems, but one Oates says is easily corrected.

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