WATCH: Nacogdoches fire chief gives commissioners COVID-19 update

WATCH: Nacogdoches fire chief gives commissioners COVID-19 update
WEBXTRA: Nac COVID-19 plan

NACOGDOCHES, Texas (KTRE) - Nacogdoches Fire Chief Keith Kiplinger emergency response capabilities make him persistent when asking for COVID-19 vaccine for his community.

”The State of Texas has heard from the judge and your fire chief, just put them in a Fed Ex box, send them down here and we’ll put them in arms,” Kiplinger said.

Vaccine rollout plans are under development for the day the vaccines show up consistently and in quantity.

”I’m 3 weeks into working on a call center.”

It will be a multi-operator system so more waitlists can be formed.

“We’re 4 weeks into working on a scheduling system.”

And it’s ready for delivery this week from SFA Information Technology. Mike Coffee is overseeing the software to coordinate vaccine lists.

“People that are going to register individuals are going to be doctors’ offices, clinics and the call center,” said Coffee.

So safeguards must be in place.

”We’re more concerned about hacking is what I’m really concerned about. We don’t want an open site where a bot can crawl the web and find an open site and start driving invalid data into it,” Coffee said.

Stage 3 will accommodate more of the 65,000 residents of Nacogdoches city and county through.

“Community or what I like to call ‘pop-up clinics’. And so I envision that a few months down the road,” Kiplinger said.

In addition, this week, discussion to reach the underserved began with SFA’s Department of Social Work and Department of Languages.

”Break those barriers, giving people access, breaking language barriers, internet access, etc,” said Nacogdoches City Manager Mario Canizares.

The collaboration is there. All that’s needed is the vaccine.

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