Women’s shelter desperate to get COVID-19 vaccine

Women’s shelter desperate to get COVID-19 vaccine

LONGVIEW, Texas (KLTV) - With the COVID-19 vaccine early in distribution, many East Texans are still waiting their ‘turn’ to get it.

Particularly those in shelters, who may be elderly or have serious health problems already.

Though the vaccine has arrived in East Texas, for some like those at the ‘House of Hope’ women’s shelter in Longview, it’s been a ‘close but no cigar’ outcome.

“Where do you go, how do you get to it? We made an appointment got there, too late. Stood in line, sat in the car for a few hours and it was gone before we got there,” says shelter director Sister Helen Johnson.

With several elderly residents and some who have serious health problems, catching the virus is always on their minds.

The concern for many of the ladies is doctors care. A lot of them have to make frequent trips to the doctors office.

“We have a lady that’s on radiation. She goes every day and she has 20 treatments left. She’s having a difficult time with emotion just going in and out every day. We’ve only had 2 staff members that had COVID and had a really hard time with it. We take in pregnant women who have their babies here, and they have not had any prenatal care,” Helen says.

Even Johnson, who has to have back surgery, is on a waiting list for the vaccine.

“I am. Personally, until February the 8th. And I’m concerned,” she says.

The scare is that without the vaccine, it may only be a matter of time.

“We need it in here and we needed it yesterday. We need protection and it’s a really scary thing to know,” Johnson says.

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