Longview ISD offers meat processing class in state-of-the-art facility

Longview ISD AG Program

LONGVIEW, Texas (KLTV) - Longview ISD Middle School students are being given a chance to learn more about agriculture. Both Foster and Judson middle schools now offer AG classes. KLTV caught up with them as they were being given a tour of LISD’s Meat Processing Educational Lab.

Longview High School AG students learn about all kinds of aspects of agriculture, including meat processing, and that’s where a group of Foster Middle School students, including seventh grader Mia Jones, got a close look at how it works.

“Interesting, and I would definitely like to do it in high school because it was a neat experience. And I definitely did not know that’s how our meat was cut up and made,” Mia said.

Longview High School’s Animal Sciences Teacher Braylon Sessions is pretty excited to have younger students in his class.

“Really cool. This is my first time getting to work with these students inside of an area like this,” Sessions said.

He’s been at LISD for three years and says some of his students have gone on to do meat processing professionally.

“It would be a very fun career to do, definitely,” Mia said.

Mia feels privileged being shown how meat is processed.

“A lot of people don’t get to see this in real life, or don’t know how their meat at the grocery store is made or anything,” Mia said.

As far as where they get the product:

“We also have community members that bring in livestock, bring in wildlife that they take, so that our students can learn the process of taking as well as handling meat, as well as processing and fabricating it into retail cuts for the marketplace,” Sessions said.

And Mia says she has a message for her Foster Middle School friends.

“I will tell them that we all need to do this in high school,” Mia said.

And this is one of few classes where it’s okay that the students cut.

LISD’s Meat Processing Educational Lab has been around since 2014, and Sessions tells us it’s one of about eight in the state. The middle school students will be learning more about what their high school counterparts are doing through the week.

Longview ISD AG Program

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