Hockey mask leads to arrest in vandalism of several churches in Cass County

Church Vandalism

CASS COUNTY, Texas (KLTV) - Law enforcement has arrested a suspect who may have vandalized as many as six churches over the past month. Two of those instances happened in Cass County Jan. 7 in the Hughes Springs-Avinger area.

Friday, Hughes Springs Police Chief Randy Kennedy said that a suspect has been arrested. He did not release the person’s name, but said that an old-style hockey mask worn in surveillance video was a clue that led to the arrest.

Security video showed a suspect apparently vandalizing the inside of the Missionary Baptist Church in Hughes Springs. According to the time stamp on the Missionary Baptist Church video, he was there for almost six hours, ransacking offices and breaking into a vending machine. Not only was there vandalism and destruction of property, the suspect stole money that was set aside to help with funeral expenses for a church member.

Kennedy said this incident brought other break-ins to light.

Five miles down the road investigators believe the same suspect did the same thing at Turkey Creek Baptist Church, among others.

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