Pittsburg mayor updates on COVID-19 situation, vaccines

WEBXTRA: Pittsburg mayor on COVID-19

PITTSBURG, Texas (KLTV) - During the COVID pandemic, Texas counties have put a high importance on communication.

Pittsburg Mayor David Abernathy says Camp County officials are keeping their eyes as far down the road as possible, and have been since early March, 2020.

“We implemented a continuative operation plan actually a month before FEMA came in and made a widespread recommendation to the nation about what you’re going to do if something happens to part of your staff. How will you keep functioning?” Abernathy said.

Every Wednesday morning he meets with the local leadership group.

“County government, city government, school district, EMS providers, and our hospital and local heath authority,” Abernathy said.

But of course it’s not just weekly.

“We speak to each other three or four times a day,” Abernathy said.

And today they found out some hopeful news.

“Hospitalization trends in some parts of the state including here look like they’re plateauing,” Abernathy said.

Mayor Abernathy says UT Health Pittsburg had the:

“Most COVID patients they’ve ever had last week. Now that number has reduced somewhat,” Abernathy said.

As far as COVID19 vaccine, they have been working to get them to their medical workers.

“Our hospital has been administering to their hospital staff that wanted to take it,” Abernathy said.

He says he’s waiting on word about when more will come in, and asks residents be vigilant to minimize the spread of COVID19.

“If a person doesn’t want to do it for themselves, they need to think about their family members and their fellow human beings out here,” Abernathy said.

Mayor Abernathy adds that he was told a higher number of patients transported by ambulance have COVID19, and that the schools will continue in person classrooms for now.

Pittsburg Mayor Addresses Covid 19

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WEBXTRA: Pittsburg mayor on COVID-19