Longview church hosts ‘MLK’ day virtual observance

Longview Virtual MLK

LONGVIEW, Texas (KLTV) - With no parades or large gatherings allowed due to COVID-19 restrictions, an observance of Martin Luther King Jr. Day was held virtually in one East Texas city on Monday.

Members of the Longview area Interdenominational Ministerial Alliance organized the Combined Virtual community MLK service 2021 at Mount Olive Baptist Church in Longview.

Speakers from numerous churches came to contribute to the observance.

Many said that perhaps now more than ever, the country needs King’s message of unity and non-violence.

“A message of peace, a message of hope. That will help people understand that even though there are evil spirits operating in the world, God is still in control,” said Reverend J.D. Palmer of Mount Olive Baptist.

The event was sponsored by the Interdenominational Alliance and the Longview Clergy Coalition.

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