Texans flock to Gilmer gun store for ammo after seeing Facebook post

WATCH: Texans flock to Gilmer gun store for ammo
Updated: Jan. 14, 2021 at 3:15 PM CST
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GILMER, Texas (KLTV) - For East Texas gun owners, getting ammunition has been a struggle over the past year, with supply shortages in nearly all calibers for pistols and rifles.

So when a Gilmer gun store posted a notice that they had a large ammunition shipment coming in, it got attention from shoppers all over the state.

A long line of customers stretched out into the parking lot outside ‘Ark- La-Tex’ guns and more in Gilmer. They weren’t there for a giveaway or to enter a contest, but because an ammunition shipment had come in.

“We drove up to the store this morning, the parking lot was full of people. We didn’t know what was going on, we thought the building was on fire. Probably 50-60 cars in the parking lot,” said store co-owner Les Green.

“When they came in they stormed over to the ammo and waited in line wanting to get thousands of rounds but you got to limit people,” said co-owner Logan Green.

A Facebook post announced the shipment coming in, but the response was something they didn’t anticipate.

“We had people that traveled up to 600 miles, furthest was someone from Orange Texas near Corpus Christi to get buckshot. We’ve had them come from Austin from san Antonio. It’s incredible how far people will go to get ammunition,” Les says.

12 gauge buckshot and 9 millimeter, 2 of the most popular ammunitions that are sought right now. It’s a simple formula: When supply doesn’t meet demand, there’s a shortage.

“Phones are going crazy every couple of minutes. Calling wanting to pay for ammo over the phone,” Logan says.

Manufacturers just can’t keep up, and the Green’s feel that this response is typical when there’s a change in administrations.

“There is a lot of anxiety. They don’t know what the future holds but they want to be prepared if worse comes to worse,” says Les.

Though they limited sales to specific rounds per caliber, the shelves began to get bare.

“Within an hour and 15 minutes this morning, we sold over 5-thousand rounds of ammunition,” Les says.

‘Ark-La-Tex’ owners say they sold more than 30-thousand dollars worth of ammunition today.

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