20+ vehicles vandalized in Tyler Historic District over last 2 months


TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - Many people were hoping with the start of a new year they could catch a break from some of the hardships of 2020. Unfortunately for some that’s not been the case.

On Friday night, some Brickstreet District residents came home to two flat tires on their truck. It wasn’t until the morning they saw they’d been slashed. Then on Saturday night, something else happened.

“There were five separate cars, four across the street, and then one of our other cars in the driveway all had their tires slashed, all at approximately the same angel on the wheel, and every car with the exception of my car that night, all had two tires a piece on the car (slashed),” said Tami, a Brickstreet District resident.

In two days, that is over $1,000 worth of tires for her family alone. Tyler Police say this is not normal to have 24 criminal mischief cases in two and a half months. And the reports range from tires being slashed, cars keyed, and windows broken out of a residence.

“Our neighbors are nice and that’s been one thing that’s been really interesting is talking to all of our neighbors with this going on the last few days,” she said.

Tami said they use the Nextdoor app to communicate with neighbors about anything out of the ordinary.

“We have found tidbits of other suspicious activity that’s been happening throughout different places,” Tami said. “It may be somebody’s car was ransacked so they would say on social media, keep your car locked, your doors locked.”

Tyler Police say the majority of the issues are happening between midnight and 6 a.m. in the Azalea District. They will have extra detectives working and making targeted patrols.

“It just makes you nervous. We’re even keeping our cars offsite so that that way we have less risk,” Tami said. “And that’s sad to not even be able to have your cars at home.”

Tyler police advise residents to park in a garage if they have one, as well as investing in motion lights or cameras to help deter this activity.

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