3 school districts fundraising for Lindale coach battling COVID-19

Lindale, Brownsboro and Mineola ISDs come together to support Lindale coach and family

3 school districts raising money for coach battling COVID-19

LINDALE, Texas (KLTV) - They may be competitive in the classroom and on the football field, but three school districts are coming together with compassion. They’re helping raise money for a Lindale High School athletic trainer battling COVID-19, and they say that every dollar they raise is a testament to the lives Coach Travis Gray has impacted.

When Lindale High School students found out that Coach Gray was in the hospital battling COVID-19, they knew they wanted to do their part to support him and his family.

“We all knew that he was a fighter, and we’re going to be praying that things were going to be alright for him,” says Lindale senior and student council co-president, Wake Thrasher-Evers.

The student council decided on a simple fundraiser: a hat day. Students pay one dollar to wear a hat for a day at school.

“Whenever everyone was bringing in money, and we just kept getting more and more, I was like, this is so awesome. It may not be enough to pay for a lot, but then again, every little but helps in a circumstance like this, and I was just overwhelmed by the amount of participation we had,” says Lindale High student council co-president, Bethany Dupree.

“What one little idea our kids had,” Lindale student council sponsor Renee Ramsey says, “turned into this amazing, community outpouring of support.”

The one little idea grew and grew.

“Before we knew what happened, our whole district was involved. And then another few days past and Brownsboro and Mineola also joined us in partnering with us for hat day,” says Ramsey.

“With everything going on in the world right now, seeing schools and communities come together for a cause like this, it kind of renews you faith in humanity,” says Brownsboro ISD teacher Katie Foster.

Foster says that Brownsboro ISD raised $5,100 in one hat day. Lindale ISD says they raised $5,900. Mineola ISD says they are still tabulating.

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