Livingston woman survives COVID-19 after nearly two weeks on ventilator

Livingston woman survives COVID-19 after nearly two weeks on ventilator
Now, Elizabeth Santoyo is recovering in rehab doing physical therapy. (Source: KTRE)

LIVINGSTON, Texas (KTRE) - A Livingston woman who was diagnosed with COVID-19 spent nearly two weeks on a ventilator.

She is currently at a rehabilitation facility where she is preparing to go home.

Her daughter Louisia Santoyo remembers November 11 vividly.

“They transferred here to Kingwood Hospital. She was not there a few days maybe. And then we got the call that she wasn’t going to make it.”

She got the news her mother, Elizabeth Santoyo, was extremely ill from COVID-19.

‘I told the doctors to keep her on there. I told them, ‘Do not take her off. I know my momma,” Santoyo explained.

The Santoyo family made the decision to leave Elizabeth on the ventilator for 12 days.

“Before all this came out, we were hearing stories of every other person getting the virus. It never directly affected us until now,” Santoyo said. “We were still wearing our masks, washing our hands and doing everything else. My mom is Montessori teacher. We were aware of the chances of us getting it, but we never expected it to be this bad.”

Louisia Santoyo also contracted COVID-19 but recovered within two weeks.

Her mother experienced symptoms such as chills, fever, nausea, and diarrhea.

Now, Elizabeth is recovering in rehab doing physical therapy.

“On the first day, she walked 25 feet. Yesterday, she did about 153 feet. I mean, we are getting there. She gets frustrated sometimes, and is a very hard-headed lady,” Santoyo expressed

Santoyo says they are keeping the faith.

“My mom pulled through. She is not a hundred percent yet, but she is ready to come home this Saturday,” Santoyo added.

Louisia says that her mom still has a few lingering side effects which include soreness.

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