Better East Texas: Words Matter

Updated: Jan. 14, 2021 at 12:57 PM CST
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TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - Our hearts were broken recently seeing the images of the riots at our nation’s capitol. For most people it was a day that saddened us deeply.

For others, it fired them up for potential change.

Change in our governing systems, change in our government’s leadership and direction, and for some it was change purely rooted in self-interest – what they felt our country should be.

But change as a result of what happened that day won’t happen. That is not the way our country moves. But it was still so upsetting.

And the flashpoint of the events at the capitol started with words.

And these weren’t just words that day from the president, they were words that have been used for months, years in some cases.

There were also words from our elected officials. Words that divided, incited and caused people to act.

And that is one of the headlines through this – words matter. And who delivers words matters as well. There are those out there that will follow the words of our leaders and take them literally.

But words also come from each of us – either in person, on social media, through emails and other platforms. And they cause action.

Social media is going through a day of reckoning because of words. Those industries will be changed forever as well as they search for some balance in their self-governance. They are not there yet.

But through all of this – all the forms of expression – we all need to consider the impact of the words we use. Do the divide and destroy or unite and construct?

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