Snowfall is a blessing for farmers across the South Plains

Snowfall is a blessing for farmers across the South Plains
Snowfall is a blessing for farmers across the South Plains(KCBD)
Updated: Jan. 12, 2021 at 6:32 PM CST
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LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - About seven inches of snow blanketed our area this weekend.

While bringing fun to families in a difficult time, it was especially appreciated by our farmers in the middle of a drought.

One Lubbock farmer, Rex Kennedy, says the drought has gotten to the point that growers were worried to even drive their pickups out in the field, because it might cause the dirt to start blowing.

“To catch this snow right now, it’s a real blessing for all of us,” Kennedy said.

Kennedy, a cotton grower, says this time of year, farmers will accept any kind of moisture they can get.

“Snow is, in some ways, even better than a rain. It doesn’t run off as bad. It all soaks in very slow,” Kennedy said.

The snow will give the land enough moisture that it won’t blow when farmers start using equipment to prepare it for the next season.

He says many farmers around Lubbock have gone to planting cover crops.

Kennedy currently has wheat sown, and the water from the snow melting will help germinate it.

“This should, once it melts off and we get a little bit warmer weather, we’ll probably start seeing wheat coming up and getting our cover crop established,” Kennedy added.

Kennedy says more rain is needed to make a cotton crop, but this heavy snow event gives him some hope.

That planting will start at the earliest in late April, but usually begins mid-May.

“With cotton prices being up a little bit, to give us the hope and the chance that we’ll be able to actually plant and get a crop up and going, that gives all of us some optimism,” Kennedy said.

Kennedy says an old neighbor used to say the snow brings more nutrients than rain.

While it may be a wives’ tale, he says every bit of the moisture will be used and is extremely appreciated.

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