TxDOT preparing for second freeze Monday night

TxDOT preparing for second freeze Monday night
Drivers taking it a bit slower on Fifth Street Monday morning, as snow and slush were still visible on roadways. (Source: KLTV)

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - Texas Department of Transportation crews spent Monday clearing East Texas roadways, but officials say the area isn’t quite in the clear for spotless streets.

TxDOT started preparing for this round of winter weather last week. Crews began putting down brine, a salt and water solution, two to three days ago, according to TxDOT PIO Kathi White.

“We had meetings Saturday morning, Sunday morning with the teams all across the district to prepare and make sure everybody was ready, all the equipment and materials were ready and on standby,” White said. “We went into the twelve-hour shifts at noon yesterday.”

White said Monday morning and throughout the day crews monitored both roads and the weather. As well as assisting with traffic control for electric crews responding to downed limbs and powerlines.

“Moving into today, we’ve got the dayshift in, and they are again assessing roadways and seeing what areas they need to pretreat or blade,” she said. “And trying to remove some of the slush and ice from the roadways because it’s expected to freeze again tonight.”

Due to the freezing conditions Monday night into Tuesday morning, White said crews are paying extra attention to elevated surfaces like bridges, overpasses, and curves. White reminds motorists to put their safety first.

“If they don’t need to go out there, don’t go out there. But if they are out there they need to do all those things, buckle up, be cautious,” White said. “Use extreme caution, especially again on elevated structures. Bridges, overpasses, even curves, different spaces like that because of the possibility of ice. And it’s slush right now but there’s still ice as well.”

White told us crews will work throughout tonight into the morning Tuesday to ensure roadways are clear of ice, slush, and debris.

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