Longview officials say storm not that bad, crews prepare for another night of freezing temperatures

WEBXTRA: Longview weather preps

LONGVIEW, Texas (KLTV) - Although several inches of snow fell, the city of Longview feels they dodged a bullet as roads were, for the most part, not as slick as they could have been. KLTV takes a look at how Longview weathered the winter storm.

Monday morning Longview looked like a mountain town after several inches of snow fell through the night. Sunday afternoon snowfall increased, and to some it looked like it fell in slow motion.

Tony Mathis lives on Garner Lane in Longview and says his son came by about 11 pm and told him a tree fell from his property and was blocking the street.

“Sometime between nine and eleven it fell and we didn’t even hear it,” Mathis said.

So maybe if there’s no one there it really doesn’t make a sound.

“So I called the police and city this morning and said hey, I’m blocking your road,” Mathis said.

He was just glad it fell away from his house.

“It leans this direction, so I guess the ice just popped it,” Mathis said.

He said he thought he might lose power during the night.

“It just kept going on and off for quite a while last night. One of the neighbors said one of the transformers was just sparking,” Mathis said.

According to SWEPCO over 9,000 were without power in Longview, which included a stretch of Highway 80 around Bill Owens Parkway. City Spokesman Richard Yeakley said several stoplights were out.

“Police crews were on site to help direct traffic. Remember if it’s blinking red treat it as a four way stop,” Yeakley said.

He adds if the lights are off to do the same. Power was out for a few city services like:

“The parks administration office and three recreation centers; Green Street, Paula Martin Jones and Broughton Recreation Center. Even if we get power today they just decided we’re going to go ahead and be closed today and the plan is to open tomorrow,” Yeakley said.

And he says there was minimal icing on roadways.

“I think a part of that is because our public works crews worked ahead of time brining some of the roads,” Yeakley said.

But there was plenty of snow in yards, like Rochelle Boney’s place, where it was just right for a snowball fight.

“Right in the mouth!” Rochelle said after her daughter hit her with one.

The good news is that all probably won’t happen again for a while.

City officials say crews will be on standby this evening if needed for treating icy roads or removing fallen trees.

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WEBXTRA: Longview weather preps