East Texas teacher breaks world record at powerlifting tournament

Updated: Jan. 8, 2021 at 5:56 AM CST
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TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - Teri Ivey has been an educator for nearly three decades, but in recent years she discovered her passion and hidden talents in powerlifting.

This past December, she competed for the second time against the best lifters in the world at the Mr. Olympia International Powerlifting League Tournament, but it was different this time around.

“It was still really good, but it wasn’t near as intense as last year when I went,” Ivey said. “You’re used to that hype that you get from them, from the crowd. And they’re pushing you and yelling your name and stuff.”

Mr. Olympia used to be open to thousands of spectators but with COVID-19 restrictions, it was reduced to 50 people. The change in the atmosphere didn’t keep her from breaking records.

“I did pretty well,” Ivey said modestly.

“Pretty well” for Teri means bringing home another world record in the 50-54 age group in the bench press and earning a silver medal in deadlifts. She also set records in her meet leading up to Mr. Olympia. She broke five state and national records.

Christine Porter, a friend who is also a professional bodybuilder, spoke fondly of her honorary teammate saying, “I mean she’s just like superwoman because she can just keep doing meet after meet after meet.”

Ivey said the next big goal on her list is to take a break. “I’m trying to slow down,” she said, “I did go to a lot of meets this year, which is really kind of hard on your body.”

However, she didn’t slow down before show-and-tell with her students and her medals during this first week back at school.

“A lot of the kids ask me, ‘How did you become the strongest woman up there?’ and I say, ‘A lot of hard work and determination and you can do it, too,’” Ivey said.

Her next meet won’t be until June for Nationals in San Antonio. She says she plans on beating her own world record in the bench press and her national records in deadlifts and bench.

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