97-year-old East Texas man gets COVID-19 vaccine

“If you’re filled with fear, you’re not going to accomplish anything.” - Army Air Corps Maj. Paul W. Harrington

WEBXTRA: 97-year-old East Texas man gets COVID-19 vaccine

MINEOLA, Texas (KLTV) - An East Texas man took his turn getting a Covid-19 vaccine shot today, at the age of 97.

Arriving at ‘Christus Health’ in Mineola, 97 year old Paul Harrington, at the request of his family, came to get his Covid-19 vaccine.

“My youngest son arranged it from Colorado. That’s why I’m here,” Paul says.

Born in 1923. His older brother died during the 1918 flu pandemic.

At 4 years old Harrington watched ‘Charles Lindbergh’ land and get swarmed by spectators after his cross Atlantic flight.

“48 tour flight. He went to each state,” Paul says.

A pilot, he flew in a Curtis-Robin monoplane at the 1933 Chicago world’s fair.

He joined the army in 1942 and major Paul Harrington flew as an artillery spotter, one mission included taking out a tank column during the battle of the bulge.

He’s seen enough to know that fear can make people foolish.

“Don’t be afraid. If you’re filled with fear you’re not going to do anything, not going to accomplish anything,” he says.

For a man who has lived through so much history, the Covid era is just another chapter.

“That’s what it seems like. Just a new one,” he says.

He spent his retirement at Hideaway Lake operating an antiques business for 25 years with his wife.

And has one last piece of advice.

“Ride it through. Trust the lord,” says Paul.

Harrington resides in Hideaway.

He has avoided infection through the holidays even though several family visitors later tested positive.

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