Congressman Gohmert describes scene inside US Capitol as breach was made

‘Violence is not the way you resolve things,” Gohmert said
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Updated: Jan. 6, 2021 at 9:40 PM CST
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TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - On a call with East Texas media, Congressman Louie Gohmert described the scene inside the US Capitol when protestors breached the building.

Gohmert said that he was safe during the incident. He knew a lot of people were going to be there protesting, including some from East Texas, he said.

“Huge crowds had come all the way from the White House up to the Capitol Hill, about a mile and a half away, to protest,” he noted.

There was initially no violence, just peaceful protest which he said “was fine.” Eventually, he said, “some people tried to come in the building. I had just stepped off the house floor; we have a cloakroom right off the house floor, and I needed to make a call. Then there was a yell that there was a breach, and that people should get under their chairs. But most people realize that‘s not the best strategy because most people can’t fit under their chairs on the house floor,” he said with a chuckle. “People started to get off the house floor, and then apparently these folks came through. They tried to get on the house floor. From what I’ve seen since, it doesn’t look like they did. Capitol police were able to get us out before they got there.”

Then, he said, they began breaking in.

“People started breaking the windows and the doors trying to get on the house floor. It was so staggering to me because the people I knew who were coming up here are extremely non-violent, they just wanted to peacefully protest. And that’s what I advocate,” he said.

Gohmert again disclaimed any desire for violence, referring to himself as “the warner” who said that the courts should have taken up the disputes to resolve them civilly, knowing that if they didn’t it could lead to violence. He said he didn’t want violence.

Instead, Gohmert said he hopes they find whoever started the assault on the Capitol. He mentioned several photos being shared widely online, referring to a few of them as “socialists, skin heads, and climate change guys.” Other outlets have identified the men to whom he is referring, such as a man with a hammer and sickle hand tattoo from a video game, and a man wearing horns on his head, and say that those men were at rallies to support Trump on other instances. The man with horns has been identified by AZCentral, a newspaper, and other outlets as Jake Angeli, a QAnon supporter from Phoenix who has attended numerous Trump rallies in Arizona.

Gohmert commended the capitol police, but said they were not enough to handle the number of people who showed up at the capitol Wednesday.

“The capitol police do a great job, but when you get thousands and thousands of people around the capital, that’s not enough,” he said.

Gohmert said he’s not typically one to worry about his safety in D.C.

“We have magnetometers at the doors. I don’t spend a lot of time thinking about it. I get chided sometimes by loved ones for not thinking about it sometimes. I was told the building was on lockdown, no one could come in, no one could go out. I couldn’t go talk to the peaceful protesters who had come out.”

He ended by saying he doesn’t worry because for him, “To live is Christ, to die is gain.”

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