Better East Texas: Congressional relief finally passed

Published: Dec. 31, 2020 at 4:40 PM CST
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TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - Congress finally passed a next COVID relief bill that will help individuals and small businesses withstand the economic pressure brought on by COVID. But while the bill will offer relief, it is ridiculous that it took months to get the much-needed legislation.

We have been hearing about the need for this since the initial relief bill benefits largely ran out over the summer. It was then, months ago, that calls for Congress started asking for another relief bill. But Congress, in true to deadlock form, could not come to any agreement, and Americans suffered.

Then, recently, facing Christmas recess and the major changes that will happen at the start of 2021, they finally got to work. So, it was a calendar deadline, not a push within Congress itself that was the prime motivator. Individual congressional members will all say they saw the need to get the bill passed but the other party would not compromise. Our legislative body cannot accomplish anything with that culture in place.

The American people have heard that for years and it has done nothing but worsen and lock the legislative process. So, the blame, or responsibility ... whatever you call it... must rest with the leadership of both houses of Congress. You know all their names and it was their selfishness that caused Americans to suffer. At least the calendar, in this case, has kept them minimally productive and has produced a 5,000 page bill that no one has read, but one that will help Americans in need. There is no excuse for that. Hope and pray for a congressional character change in the new year.

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