Ministry gives presents to East Texas families, children

Ministry gives presents to East Texas families, children
Source: KLTV Staff (Source: KLTV Staff)

LONGVIEW, Texas (KLTV) - On this Christmas Day, some East Texans chose to give of their time to bring some joy to those who are struggling.

In Longview, members of the New Beginning Faith Ministry spent their day making sure children had presents even if they weren’t “under the tree.”

For the past 20 years, the ministry has provided food and Christmas gifts for families with children who struggle this time of year.

“We have adopted 60 families, and everyone that has sponsored a family has put a lot of love in it,” said pastor Gloria Lewis.

Along with toys, the gift bags contain new clothes and even gift certificates for the parents.

Organizers said in this tumultuous year, they’ve seen more need than ever before.

Organizers knew that some families had to pay bills and would have nothing left for Christmas.

“This day and time we had so many new people sign up that never had to have a helping hand before,” Lewis said. “But they do now. We’re here today to make sure that no child goes without today on Christmas.”

Free from the politics of social injustice or COVID fears, there are no color boundaries, just those wanting to help others.

“What you have here is a bunch of people who are loving their neighbors as they love themselves and spreading God’s goodwill and his son Jesus’ message,” said sponsor Rory Dukes.

And through this, hope that the future will be better.

“It won’t be like this for them always. Right now we’re here to get you up out of what you’re in,” Lewis said.

And for those who have given of themselves, the knowledge that maybe they’ve made the holidays a little happier for these families is a blessing.

New Beginning also handed out food baskets to the needy last week and delivered hot meals to the homeless.

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