Volunteers dish out drive through Christmas meals to East Texans

Food for soul

HENDERSON, Texas (KLTV) - Bringing a little holiday spirit to the season, volunteers passed out free dinners to East Texans.

For the third year, members of Henderson Baptist church prepared over a thousand Christmas dinner meals for all who needed them. The effort is called ‘Food for Soul’, in a time when some need a little holiday spirit.

A steady line of cars outside the Henderson civic center, to receive the gift that volunteers had worked many hours to deliver.

“We saw that there were needy, people hungry not getting enough food. We were like how can we give back to the community,” said event co-founder Samuel Jimison.

Enough food for a thousand meals possible through donations, including money out of their own pockets.

The effort was to lift the shadow of the COVID-19 pandemic off the holiday.

“All donations, well mostly donations,” Jimison says.

The founders of the event know too-well how demoralizing the COVID-19 year has been, as both of their businesses were affected.

“We actually have our own catering businesses. We were actually compelled, because we cook we love to cook, there was a need in the community we saw,” says Samuel.

For all of those volunteering to do this, it’s not about a thank you. But about putting joy back into the season.

Many of those helped were elderly or financially struggling.

“A little joy, a belly filled, good food. Makes my heart warm,” said co-founder Antonio Brewster.

And for those receiving it, much appreciated.

“Because this Covid has dampened so many peoples spirits, things like this and people still trying to give and help one another, that kind of lifts the spirit back up,” said meal recipient Charles Hollie.

The volunteers passed out meals for 5 hours Sunday, until every last person who wanted one was served.

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