Mark in Texas History: Jarvis Christian College

Mark In History

HAWKINS, Texas (KLTV) - Just outside the town of Hawkins is Jarvis Christian College that was established in 1904 as a school for Black youth.

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According to its website, Ida Van Zandt Jarvis convinced her husband, Major James Jones Jarvis, to donate land for the school. In 1910, the Jarvises deeded 456 acres of land on the condition that it “keep up and maintain a school for the elevation and education of the Negro race.”

The Jarvises also suggested the land would be used to educate and produce “useful citizens and earnest Christians.”

(Source: KLTV)

The school first began as Jarvis Christian Institute and opened in 1913 with 12 elementary students. It later added courses for high school and junior college. In 1937, it offered senior college courses and gained full accreditation in 1950.

(Source: KLTV)

Today Jarvis Christian College covers 243 acres, but sits on about 1,000 acres, providing room for future expansion. The college has an admission of over 900.

Jarvis Christian College is on US 80, a mile east of Hawkins.

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