Chapel Hill - Lindale playoff matchup ‘biggest game of their high school careers’

Updated: Nov. 25, 2020 at 11:16 PM CST
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TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - Chapel Hill and Lindale meet Friday night in a game that many are talking excitedly about. and that’s not lost on Coach Jeff Riordan.

“It’s selling out so quick, it goes to show you how big the game’s going to be,” Riordan said.

Riordan and his Chapel Hill Bulldogs get in a holiday work out, and what better scenario than the one at hand?

“I think, it’s Thanksgiving weekend, which is great to be practicing over Thanksgiving week, and playing an opponent, you know last two weeks three hours to play some Houston area schools. Lindale the same way, to have a game on Thanksgiving week where it’s family and home, to be right here. Pretty much a central location neutral site for both school,” he said.

For most of his players, especially the seniors, Friday’s the biggest game of their high school careers. The coach has made a big impression in the short time he’s been the top dawg,

“From my first year a freshman we got new coaches. We had been through a couple of coaches then, we only had Coach Rio for about almost a year and a half because he got here a little late. Then COVID took up a lot of our time with him, but the time he been here, we been runnin’ harder than we ever had. Getting work done we never thought we could, and made a lot of improvements over the years he’s been here,” said Chapel Hill defensive lineman Trey Hudson. “It’s been a lot of fun going day in and day out with my teammates, my brothers, working hard everyday”

Cameron Ford at quarterback has been a shot in the Bulldogs offense; big plays from his legs and arms have moved the chains, as he and his teammates try to keep up with the explosivness of Lindale.

“We know Lindale can score. Our last matchup, our offense went down and scored on the first drive. We kind of fluttered after that and it got out of hand. But if our offense can do what it’s been doing last couple of weeks, and continue to get better, we can match them a little bit hopefully,” Ford said.

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