Solid Foundation in Nacogdoches replaces gala with a shopping event

Solid Foundation in Nacogdoches replaces gala with a shopping event
Christine Crain (l), Kevin Davis (m) and John Cannings (r) work together at the Solid Foundation Association center on East Main in Nacogdoches. (Source: KTRE)

NACOGDOCHES, Texas (KTRE) - The Solid Foundation in Nacogdoches, like so many good causes, has had to make several adjustments this year. A gala in its tenth year is replaced with an opportunity to “shop with a purpose.”

Custom gift baskets are usually auctioned off to over 200 guests at Solid Foundation’s annual gala.

“That banquet would raise about $27,000,” said executive director and co-found John Cannings.

After its cancellation, Solid Foundation persevered to keep dreams under construction, the foundation’s motto.

“We are so excited. We are inviting the public to come on out and shop with a purpose,” said Mabel Cannings, John’s wife, co-founder and marketing director.

Proceeds from a two day “Look and Buy” shopping event will go toward Solid Foundation’s $87,000 annual budget.

Board member Kevin Davis often teaches a Bible class for children.

“Solid Foundation does a great job of letting our children know how much they are valued as a person and how valuable education is to them,” Davis said.

Solid Foundation is accustomed to offering free transportation from school to the center for up to 60 children.

“We had to pare down our classes to no more than 18 kids to make sure we keep the appropriate social distancing,” explained board member and assistant director, Christine Crain.

Soon after, concern for virtual learners developed.

“We did notice they were behind and or possibly failing in several of their classes,” said Crain who also teaches and drives the bus.

These hands-on board members and other volunteers refuse to ignore the children’s needs.

“We are available by phone and then I’m available for the virtual students if needed some in the mornings or Friday afternoons when Solid Foundation is not in session,” Crain said.

A basket purchase or donation goes a long way to support the dedicated efforts.

“This will be a valuable place their resources because we’re still serving kids,” assured John.

“We think it’s a great investment, up front, to support kids,” said Mabel.

The Solid Foundation Association’s “look and buy” gift basket sale is Friday and Saturday at the Fredonia Hotel from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the Banita Ballroom.

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