Longview man shows off rare amphibious car

Longview man shows off rare amphibious car

RUSK COUNTY, Texas (KLTV) - They just don’t make them like they used to. People say that about many things. But a Longview man has a car made back in the sixties that was built for terrain most vehicles can’t handle.

It’s a funky looking little convertible, but those sixties cars had some interesting lines. Ethan Langley fell in love with it and just had to show it off at Martin Creek Lake State Park and decided to take it for a drive straight into the lake.

“This is a 1967 Amphicar 770,” Langley said.

So Ethan has not lost his mind, just his patience for that whole boat and trailer thing. But why is it a 770?

“Seven knots on the water; seventy-miles per hour on the highway,” Langley said.

His real job is restoring vintage RVs, and he meets all kinds of people from across the U.S. who want the services American RV Restoration provide.

“We’ve got a celebrity that wants an Amphicar, and we had one. And we decided to buy another one so we could get him fixed up,” Langley said.

So he has two right now, which is surprising considering there’s:

“Three to five-hundred left in the world,” Langley said.

“How does it stay afloat?” I asked Langley.

“Basically the hull is like a tank. It’s all welded together, all seamless. And then we have the doors, the trunk that open up, but before we get on the water we lock all that tight so it sucks it in, seals it and makes it water tight,” Langley said.

The doors have seals and an extra latch so you:

“Double lock it, or we’re going down baby!” Langely laughed.

Fortunately the 53-year-old car floats better than I do.

It may seem like a James Bond car, but you can’t ski behind it. It’s not very fast and the wheels don’t fold up inside since:

“The steering actually steers off the two front wheels, and it steers phenomenally, and it has two propellers in the back so it goes straight as an arrow. This thing really handles well,” Langley said.

And he says it handles well coming out of the water too. He just switches off the props, puts the car in gear and drives out of the lake like it was never there in the first place. Hey, whatever floats your car.

One thing’s for sure. That vehicle deserves props.

Langley says he first saw the German-built Amphicars on a trip to Disney World and wanted one ever since. He says he bought that one in Tulsa.

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