Body of missing Lone Star woman found

Missing Lone Star Woman

LONE STAR, Texas (KLTV) - The body of a woman reported missing last Thursday has been found.

According to the Lone Start Police Department, Brenda Leftwich was discovered in Lone Star Lake off of the 200 block of North Shore Circle in Lone Star.

Lone Star Police Chief Steven Blythe got the help of Texas Ranger Greg Wilson looking into the discovery of the body of Brenda Leftwich Tuesday morning. Prior to that time Chief Blythe was about to get help from DPS.

“We were currently waiting on the Department of Public Safety’s helicopter from Garland,” Blythe said.

As it turns out the chopper wasn’t needed for a search after the Morris County Sheriff’s Office notified the chief that:

“There was a guy wanting to meet me at the Lone Star boat ramp, which is off of Devereau Circle, saying that he has spotted what appeared to be a body,” Blythe said.

The chief headed there with a Lone Star sergeant and a DPS Trooper and met the fisherman.

“He was the only one in the boat. I asked him to take me out to where he had seen the body,” Blythe said.

The fisherman took the chief to an area near the 200 block of North Shore Circle.

“I contacted Officer Taylor; made him aware of what we had found and he arrived on scene and identified her,” Blythe said.

Officer Ken Taylor is Brenda Leftwich’s son in law. Chief Blythe called in the Texas Ranger.

“He advised me to remove the body and he would be there shortly,” Blythe said.

Blythe said any time there is an investigation on this level they ask for Ranger Greg Wilson’s help since the ranger has access to greater resources. And as for Officer Taylor, he’s spending some time with his family.

“We’ll give him as much time as he needs,” Blythe said.

Leftwich’s body was taken to a local funeral home. From there it will be sent for an autopsy which will help determine whether or not there was any foul play involved.

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