Search continues for missing woman from Lone Star

Lone Star Missing Woman

LONE STAR, Texas (KLTV) - The search for a missing Lone Star woman continues. Brenda Leftwich was last seen last Wednesday evening walking back to her apartment complex. And the Lone Star Police Department has asked for help from other law-enforcement agencies.

Brenda Leftwich was last seen walking south on Highway 259 in Lone Star. Police have scoured the area looking for clues but have come up empty handed, except for some security video from a local business.

Lone Star Police Chief Steven Blythe says they’re looking at all options.

“We’re going on the fifth day. We’re trying to cover all out bases. I’ve contacted Captain Rusk of the Longview Water Rescue Team and he agreed to help us out with a dive team to look around Lone Star Lake,” Blythe said.

The lake is about a hundred yards from the apartments where Leftwich lived.

“We have had people on four wheelers, on foot, cars; we put her picture out on social media,” Blythe said.

That has so far turned up nothing so they looked to the water with LFD and Texas Game Wardens. Lone Star Police Officer Kenny Taylor is also the son-in-law of Brenda Leftwich. He says they’ve been looking since she disappeared.

“We ran search teams, we’ve searched the lake now with drones and dogs out. We’ve done everything,” Taylor said.

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They spoke with neighbors the day she was discovered missing by Taylor’s wife. They say they hadn’t seen anything unusual.

“The day she went missing was her late husband’s birthday, and they were going to go over to his tombstone in Hughes Springs and put flowers on his grave,” Taylor said.

Lone Star PD appreciates the help from other entities, but so far nothing has turned up.

“Hopefully, you know, the good Lord brings her back to us. There’s really nothing else we could do at this time,” Taylor said.

Police say she has medical issues, which adds to the urgency of finding her.

“We’ll never give up,” Blythe said.

The Lone Star Police Department is now offering $500 for information which could help locate Brenda Leftwich.

Lone Star Missing Woman

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