City making strides to end buzzard problems at Lake Jacksonville

Lake Jacksonville buzzard problems

JACKSONVILLE, Texas (KLTV) - Jacksonville city officials are implementing measures they hope will help bring an end to an ongoing problem at Lake Jacksonville.

Buzzards have been a nuisance on the lake, mainly around the campground area and the wooded area between Byrd Road and Aqua Vista Drive, according to Captain Nathan Winship of the Jacksonville Police Department.

City Manager Greg Smith said there are a large number of buzzards which rummage through trash and residents have also reported damage to their cars from the birds.

The city has met with a representative with the Texas Wildlife Services Program and are following recommendations provided to them. They have been conducting harassment measures, launching cartridges similar to firecrackers into roosting areas near dusk. Although officials say this measure will not necessarily keep the birds from returning during the day, they hope it will drive the buzzards to find another place to roost. The Jacksonville Police Department’s Community Services Division is handling the harassment measures for the most part.

“Due to the buzzards being migratory birds, there are regulations we have to abide by during this process. This is not a fast process,” Winship said. “We will continue to use the harassment measures until they are no longer effective as described by the Texas Wildlife Services Program representative, at which point we will look at other legal options they may suggest.”

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